Fraud Alert

Don’t Get Scammed!

Young people are being scammed by individuals advertising services to help apply for deferred action. These individuals often guarantee they will get you through the process successfully in exchange for a large sum of money.

Individuals who need help with the deferred action process should beware of anyone who guarantees results or is not qualified to provide assistance. To avoid being scammed:

Know How To Find Someone You Can Trust

The only people qualified to help you with your application are attorneys and accredited representatives.  Attorneys should be licensed and accredited representatives should be recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). When looking for legal help:

      • Make use of free or low-cost legal assistance from nonprofit organizations in your community.
      • Contact a local immigration nonprofit organization and ask them to refer you to lawyers in the area.
      • Look for attorneys who are experienced in immigration issues.
      • Check credentials.
        If working with a lawyer, make sure that he/she is licensed.  Check your state bar association’s online directory for their information. In Texas, check the State Bar of Texas Online Directory.
        If working with an accredited representative, ask to see a copy of the individual/organization’s accreditation from the BIA or make sure you can find their information on the BIA website.
      • If you hire an attorney, insist on having a written contract and always get receipts.
      • Make use of Texas RioGrande Legal Aid’s list of recommended nonprofits and private attorneys who can help you.

Know What To Avoid

      • Avoid services from people claiming to be notarios or unlicensed attorneys.
        A notary public, notario, or a notario publico is NOT an attorney or an accredited representative, and CANNOT give legal advice or provide legal services. Even filling out forms is something that only a licensed lawyer or accredited representative should do.
      • Do not trust anyone who guarantees that your application will be approved or claims to have a special relationship with immigration.
      • Never sign an application that contains false information.
      • Avoid signing blank forms or applications.

If you believe you have been scammed by someone claiming they can help you with the deferred action application process, take action to report the fraud.